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arine Forever is a veterans group for Active Duty and Honorably Discharged
Marines and Navy F.M.F. Corpsmen who have paid their dues
by serving in and with, America's finest fighting force,
The United States Marine Corps.

Our Mission is to provide a venue for members to meet and over food and drink,
renew the camaraderie and 'Esprit De Corps' they experience
while serving on active duty in The U.S. Marine Corps.

This Website 
is designed to provide Marines and friends of Marines valuable
 and interesting information about the U.S. Marine Corps and our 
Marine Forever Veterans Group.

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WHEN: Monday Evenings

TIME: 1830 hours (6:30 P.M.) Meet, Greet and Order Eats
1900 hours (7:00 P.M.) Flag Ceremony
1910 hours (7:10 P.M.) Mess Call

WHERE:       Beef O'Brady's Sports Bar and Grill
Village Lakes Shopping Center
SR 54 Land O' Lakes, Florida

Active Duty Military and Honorably Discharged Veterans from all branches of service and their guests are welcome.

Mess Call in the Corps

In the Corps, Mess Call was more than a time for eating. It didn't matter that you were in a mess hall on base, aboard ship or alongside a beaten path in some God forsaken place not found on a map. Mess Call meant food, fellowship and on occasion, a little fun. If you were lucky, your food was hot and prepared by a real cook. If you were in the field, it came in metal containers called K, C or Assault rations or M.R.E.'s. Meals ready to eat, A nicer name for C-rats. Tuna and noodles, sausage patties in gravy, beans and franks and John Wayne crackers with a touch of Tabasco sauce made us the mean, green fighting machine of the Corps. 
It was a time for eating, but it was also a time for building camaraderie. It was a time for griping about the physical rigors of completing a 20 mile hike or a surprise inspection that no one was ready for. It was a time for sharing a letter you got from home with maybe a picture of your kid brother graduating from high school. Or maybe a photo of your wife or girl friend looking extra pretty just for you and reminding you of the leave you will be taking when you get back off maneuvers. It was a time for telling jokes or bragging about the hookers in town not charging you for their favors because you were such a great lover. It was also a time for showing off a new tattoo or collecting on an overdue bet and having a quick smoke before being told to "Saddle up and prepare to move out." 
If this brings back memories and you would like to relive some of the camaraderie you experienced in the Corps, then come to our next Mess Call. Who knows, maybe you will run into an old buddy who still owes you money or an old Marine with a new Tattoo. Hope to see you there. 

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